Try Our Unique Mobile Estimating Tool

Has your car or truck been damaged? H&V Collision Center is putting the power to get an estimate free and conveniently right into your hands. H&V’s new Mobile Estimating Tool allows you to use technology to begin the repair process without delay. The Mobile Estimating Tool can be found on our website, and allows you to get a free and confidential estimate in just minutes by using your smartphone or tablet.

The Mobile Estimating Tool will help get you back on the road with the help of new technology from H&V and our partners at Body Booster.

H&V is the only collision center in the Capital District with this revolutionary mobile estimating tool. This app is not only easy to use and effective, but also only takes 10 minutes to complete the estimating process. Customers can submit pictures of their damage vehicle and information and receive an estimate from the comfort of their home. The best part of this app is that it is FREE, and takes up no memory on the user’s phone thanks to cloud technology.


How do you access the H&V app?

The first step is go to and click on the “Try Our Mobile Estimating Tool” link. The link will take you to H&V Collision Centers Body Booster app page where we advise all new users to watch the informational video on how to use the app. From this page you can add your smart phone number where a link will be texted to your phone. Users can download the app as many times as they want or you can install the app by pressing the upper right hand smart phone symbol where the app will be downloaded to the home screen. Users can then choose their car model, manufacturer, and model year and submit information about the car to H&V, including pictures of the damaged area. Within 10 minutes, one of H&V’s certified estimators will get back to you with an estimate on your vehicle.


New Technology and H&V

H&V is not only the only collision repair center in the Capital District to offer the Mobile Estimating Tool, we also have a long tradition of utilizing new technology to ensure repair excellence and customer satisfaction. From our state of the art paint booths and calibration and measuring devices, to vehicle tracking, extra training to meet high vehicle manufacturer standards, H&V has made an investment in the latest and best technology and training to ensure Quality on Time, Every Time.

Written by:

Brittany Horton