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After Collision

Know what steps to take immediately after your car is damaged.

Repair Process

Learn about H&V Collision Center’s state-of-the-art repair process.


Find out how H&V Collision Center works with your insurance.

Dealing with your insurance company can be stressful if there’s no one helping you.
At H&V Collision Center, we work directly with all major insurance providers.

After an accident, your insurance company will need to be contacted before any repair work can be done. H&V Collision Center works with all major providers and can contact them on your behalf, if you choose. Our representatives can work with you and your insurance provider to create your claim and begin the estimation process, and we’ll facilitate all communication with your provider until your repairs are complete.

If you choose to call your insurance company prior to H&V Collision Center, remember that you may choose any collision repair service you like, regardless of your providers’ recommendation. Make sure you choose a service with a reputation for excellent and timely work.

If you choose to receive multiple repair estimates, keep in mind that estimates may vary based on the quality of work that will be done. A too-low estimate may not repair all of your damage, and while your car may look nice and drive well for a short time, these repairs may not provide a long-term solution.

Download the Authorization and Guidelines for Repairs form here.