Repair Process

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After Collision

Know what steps to take immediately after your car is damaged.

Repair Process

Learn about H&V Collision Center’s state-of-the-art repair process.


Find out how H&V Collision Center works with your insurance.

Your car has made it to H&V Collision Center. What happens now?

Our cars are valuable to us. Second to our homes, they’re some of the most significant investments we’ll ever make. It’s important that you understand the repair process of your collision center and that you trust what’s happening at all times.


Our customer care team members make sure each of our customers understand what is happening to their vehicles every step of the way. We’ll call, text or e-mail you frequently to give you updates on your vehicle and help you plan for the completion of your car’s repairs.

H & V Collision
When your vehicle comes to H&V Collision Center,
it will go through the following steps:
Damage Assessment & Repair Planning
Our team will disassemble your vehicle to find all damage to the exterior and interior. Your estimate will be created, and then any necessary parts will be ordered as a repair plan is being determined.
Body Repairs
Your vehicle’s body will be repaired to fit all original factory specifications. We’ll work on dent removal, scratch repair, auto frame repair and other repair to ensure it is safe to drive.
Paint Preparation & Application
Your vehicle will move through the car paint preparation and application processes, where we’ll match the color and texture to fit your existing paint job.
Assembly & Quality Control
We’ll reassemble your vehicle and do our final quality control checks to check for any final fixes necessary.
Your vehicle will be delivered for your final approval and payment will be finalized.