Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t plan for collisions to happen. It’s normal to have a few questions when one does.

Find the answers to some frequently asked question about auto body and collision repair, and contact us if we can answer more questions or help you with your situation.

Can I select the repair shop of my choice?

Yes, you have the right to use the repair shop of your choice. However, in certain circumstances, it may be wise for you to heed the advice of your insurance company about auto body shops with documented track records of inferior and fraudulent repairs.

Prepare yourself before choosing a shop. A few minutes of research can save you from days or weeks of needless aggravation down the road. Ask around about which collision repair shops are honest and competent. Once you’re comfortable with a specific collision repair shop, you’ll know where to have your vehicle towed (if necessary) and repaired.

Who do I call first – insurance or the collision center?

If you notify your insurance company first, your representative will make recommendations about where to take your vehicle. You may also choose to contact H&V Collision Center directly, where we can initiate conversations with your insurance provider on your behalf.

Must I notify my insurance company before repairs are done?

Yes. All insurance policies require policyholders to contact their insurance agent or company. If you haven’t contacted your insurance by the time your vehicle is towed or driven to the repair shop of your choice, you must contact your agent to file a report and inform them of where your car can be inspected for damages.

What should I do if I’m in an accident after hours or on a Sunday when H&V Collision Center is closed?

H&V Collision Center is able to accept vehicles after hours at our locations. To arrange for drop-off of a vehicle when H&V Collision Center is closed, please call 1 (518) 273-1834.

Who pays for my repair bills?

Car owners must make arrangements for payment. Insurance policies clearly state that the insurance company will pay you for damages, minus your deductible and any depreciation. The professionals at H&V Collision Center can assist you with insurance claim negotiations to help restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Who should I contact if there are problems with repairs?

You should always first contact the manager or owner of the repair shop that performed work on your vehicle. If you’re unable to come to a satisfactory resolution, contact your insurance agent.